Royal Wedding Bunting Printable

Posted by judith selcuk on May 18, 2018 at 10:15 AM

We are so excited for the Royal Wedding this weekend, we have our picnic menu planned and printed, decorations up and we have even made our very own bunting!

We like to share the creative love here and are so happy to share with you a printable and photo guide on creating your very own Union Jack bunting, free of charge of course! Just follow oour easy steps and dont forget to show us what you create.

Have a lovely wedding weekend!

All you need is:

Artline Brush pens in Royal Blue and Red

Outline printed onto several sheets of A4



String or twine

Step One

Print out the Union Jack template onto plain printer paper

Step Two

If you are right handed start from the left, if you are left handed start from the right, Artline pens are water based so take a little longer to dry than alcohol based markers and can smudge but are far easier to use.

Step 3

Using scissors cut out the bunting shapes, leaving a paper tab at the top that will fold over the string.

Step Four

We used twine to string our bunting but you could use string, wool or ribbon. Fold the tabover the string and stick with sellotape on the back.

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