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Pet and Animal Portraits.


Commissioning a portrait


Commissioning a portrait of your pet or someone else's as a gift is actually quite a simple process

Take a look through the examples of my work and choose what medium, ie paint or pencil, that you like. If you are unsure I can advise you of the best one when I have seen your photos.

Select a photograph or several photographs that accurately depict your animal. Their eye is the most important feature to capture. The saying that the 'eye is the window to the soul' is actually very true. Their character and personality is encompassed in their eye and without it the painting may lack the personality that you will be wanting.

Photographs always look good on your IPhone, try zooming in. You will notice that they can become quite pixelated, this is due to them being a low resolution if taken on a phone. Either turn on HDR (high density resolution) or take the photo with a digital camera. I work from prints of the photos you send, the better the quality of the photo the better the end result.

You may like an ear on one, an angle on another etc. Put this in your email along with your photos. If I have any questions I will email you back to discuss. I will also be able to then give you an approximate completion date.

A 20% deposit can be paid either via PayPal, bank transfer or cheque.

Your portrait will come on professional quality archival paper and in a professional portfolio sleeve to protect it until it is framed.

Once the balance is paid your painting will be posted out to you by Special Delivery that will require a signature. This way your painting is insured. Or you are always welcome to collect it. Postage is not included in the cost of your commission.

Please let me know that your painting has arrived safely and if you are pleased with it


Examples to help you decide

Professional grade coloured pencil
Gouache (watercolour)
Ink pencils

More than one animal or pet?

It may be that you would like more than one animal on your painting. This is certainly not a problem and I do not charge extra for this. It may be that you have had a couple of horses for example in your lifetime and although one is not with you anymore they can still be put next to each other in the same painting. One customer had a painting done for her husband of all the dogs he had owned in his life.


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